Tree Service & Removal Company in Alexandria and Northern VA

Need a tree service or removal company for your home or business here in Alexandria or Northern Virginia areas?  We are more than happy to help and provide you with a free estimate.

We do all residential and commercial tree services at an affordable prices. The cost of the project is determined on site, since every one of them is different.

Our services include but are not limited to tree cutting, trimming, stump removal & grinding, lot clearing, arborist assistance, emergency tree removal and more.

We currently provide tree service and tree removal in Alexandria, VA and all surrounding areas like Arlington, Annandale, Springfield, McLean, Leesburg, Ashburn, Reston, Chantilly, Centreville and the rest of Northern Virginia.

Please call us at (703) 844-3294 or fill out the free estimate request for after hours assistance. We are more than happy to come out and get you a free estimation for your project.

Often times it can be intimidating to even think about dealing with a fallen tree yourself. It can happen for many reasons like a hurricane, flood, tornado or just some fairly strong wind gusts striking an old and often times a tall tree. 

Many times they damage homes, fences, power lines and cars. The most important thing is to stay calm and call a professional to take care of the issue.

We take it one piece at a time, instead of rushing and risking doing more damage or hurting someone. It takes a lot of skill and preparation to deal with this type of an issue.

Many times you just want the tree next to your home or in your yard to look better and call for a trimming. That’s a great choice, since many injuries happen when people try to cut off some branches, while using incorrect tools and end up hurting themselves and possibly others.

Keep yourself and your family safe by contacting a pro who can take care of it with ease. We have all, the right tools and equipment to accommodate project of any size and complexity. Don’t be intimidated by the big, bulky tree that just keeps growing and never stops, take matter into your own hands and get in touch with us.

Tree Services We Provide

Our company works hard to ensure that your property remains clear of any unwanted trees and branches. As a big part of Northern Virginia’s tree health program, we try to trim trees as opposed to removing them, therefore ensure their long term life and greenery.

Aside from trimming, local demand is quite high for stump removals and clean-up tasks as well as pruning.

A big challenge within the city are tree roots, as they get underneath sidewalks and even roads, which end up lifting and cracking… This creates not only an eyesore, but also multiple trip hazards, which should not be taken lightly.

Here’s a complete list of things we do in and around Alexandria and throughout Northern VA:

Tree Removal

Our company provides the most comprehensive and the safest services when it comes to removal of unwanted trees. We take all necessary precautions to ensure that your health and property don’t get affected.


We trim trees daily, and not just certain types, but all of them. No matter the size or complexity of the job, we got you covered. Doesn’t matter if branches are touching your home and some are simply falling to the ground from a dead tree, give us a call and consult with a pro today.

Tree Cutting Service

One of our specialties is partial tree cutting, when the whole thing doesn’t need to come out, but a large part definitely does. It’s not an evolution you want to do yourself, unless you have the proper equipment, training and skilled crew to help out.

Stump Removal

When it comes to getting stumps outta the ground, we’re the best! Roots and disposal are generally the two biggest concerns with any stump, but we know what to do! Our simple 4 step process is: treat, tear out, grind and clean-up. It might sound simple, but it’s certainly a ton of work.

Stump Disposal and Grinding

Not many realize this, but stumps are often times HUGE and need to be grinded down. Our stump grinder does an awesome job and turns all solid wood into reusable mulch. If you don’t want to keep the mulching, we will happily haul it away and recycle when the load get full.

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