Stump Removal Services We Offer in Northern VA

In general, our stump removing services we provide here in Alexandria are contained under the umbrella term of “Removals”, which one of the key services that we offer.

If you call us in to discuss cutting down and removing a tree or trees in your yard, then we will also discuss with you about how you wish to remove the stump that is left behind when a tree has been cut down and taken away.

We strongly recommend that stumps are removed after a tree is cut away. For one thing, a living stump can cause a problem called ”Suckering.” This can cause new shoots and even root growth to begin to be produced by the stump.

Even if the stump has completely died, it can still present problems. A dead stump will begin to rot, both above ground and also in the underground root system. This rotting material can provide the perfect environment to promote the growth of moulds and funguses – many of which can then infest nearby living trees and shrubs, setting you up for a world of problems in your yard.

Please call us at (703) 844-3294 or fill out the free estimate request for after hours assistance. We are more than happy to come out and get you a free estimation for your project.

There are three main methods we employ to breakdown and remove stumps left in the ground after tree removal. Which method we employ will largely depend on the size of the tree that was cut down, the time of year and a few other considerations.

Rest assured, during your consultancy period before we remove the tree, our technicians will clearly discuss with you the options available, and help you to select the right course of action.

Just for your information however, here is a brief breakdown of the three methods that, broadly speaking, are available to you:

Physical Removal

The classic method of stump removal!

We will typically only employ this in smaller tees and particularly shrubs unless the access to your working site is good enough of us to bring in an excavator type vehicle.

Very simply, this method involves attaching a mechanical device like a winch to the stump and ripping it out of the ground. This is going to remove both the stump and most of the root system, though some additional digging may be required to remove all the roots.

Chemical Assisted Removal

Stump and root killers are chemicals that are applied to the stump via a series of drilled holes, into which the chemical is poured. After a period of time, depending on the size of the tree itself, the stump will die and will take on a crumbly, broken down appearance.

At this point it can be attacked with axes and sledgehammers, broken into smaller pieces and removed.

Stump Grinding

Involves the use of a mechanical grinding machine to grind down the stump. It is detailed on it’s own page of this website, as this is something of a specialized service we offer.

What We Won’t Do

Some old style tree surgeons, and quite a few amateurs, will recommend getting rid of a stump with gasoline. They will bore holes, such as in the Chemical method above, but will instead pour in gasoline and light the stump on fire.

Whilst this sounds fun, in our experience it rarely works well – especially with fresh stumps. These are simply too moist to burn properly, instead they just smolder for ages, days sometimes, pumping out a seemingly endless plume of dark, choking smoke.

Old Stumps

Just a quick word on if you have an old, preexisting stump in your yard that you would like to get id off. In this case, Chemical Removal will not be an option, as this only works with living stumps that have been left from a freshly cut down tree.

As we mentioned above, there is no reason to be worried or concerned about the stump in your yard. We will advise you of your options before we begin cutting so that you are clear in your mind as to our plan of action.