Tree Cutting Services We Offer in Northern VA

Tree cutting is a highly demanded service our company offers to Alexandria and Northern Virginia residents. To cut a tree, with a chainsaw, axe or manual saw, is to see our technicians’ employ one of their key skills. Given it’s importance, we though it could be helpful to provide a short guide to some of the techniques they are likely to use, and the situations they will typically use them in.

You are most likely to find out technicians employing their cutting skills in the trimming of trees and especially in the complete removal of a tree.

There are a number of reasons that we may be called in to cut down and take away a tree from a yard, all of which are discussed in the tree removal section.

Here though, we thought it might be of some benefit to briefly discuss some of the key techniques mastered by our technicians, at least one of which will almost certainly be employed on the trees in your yard.

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Here are the three main methods employed in cutting down a tree:

Climbing & Throwing

Perhaps the most straightforward method employed. With this method, our technicians will climb the tree with a harness (or, access permitting, in a Cherry Picker type truck) and begin cutting it into manageable pieces with their chainsaws.

The tree pieces are simply allowed to fall to the ground, where they can be collected for disposal. This is perfect for trees in yards or fields with a more natural, rugged appearance – in other words, that we won’t do much damage by allowing big chunks of tree to crash down onto the ground!

Climbing & Lowering

In some yards however you may not want chunks of tree raining down, for example in more planned yards, or those with ornamental, well groomed lawns.

In this instance, our technicians will rig up a system of ropes and pulleys to allow them to carefully lower the tree pieces to the ground, protecting your yard from impact damage.

Many times, at the end of the day the tree will be gone – and it won’t look like we were ever there!


Probably our most technical method to bring a tree down – but also the fastest and the most satisfying! 

Felling is exactly what it sounds like. By use of carefully angled cuts, our technician’s work at the base of the tree to bring it down in one go. They have to work to carefully calculate angles to avoid hitting any obstructions such as power lines (or your house!) and it is not always suitable for every tree in every yard – though we will be able to advise you if your tree is suitable.

Yelling “Timber!” as the tree comes down is both welcome, and encouraged!

In addition, you may see out technicians employ their chainsaw skills in a few other applications, such as:

Ground Level Work (Storm Damage)

Our technicians are also able to wield their chainsaws on trees that have already been brought down – usually in storm winds, and occasionally in heavy snowfall when the weight of accumulated snow causes a tree to buckle and collapse.

Out technicians will cut up the tree into easier to handle pieces to assist with the fast and safe removal of the downed tree.


Another key service we offer, discussed elsewhere on this site. Generally, depending on the tree size and the level of pruning and trimming required, you will likely see out technicians employing their chainsaw skills during this service.


Tree cutting, by the way, does not include the removal of stumps and the root system of a tree.

In general, the removal of the stump comes under the umbrella term of “Tree Removal,” a service we offer and which is discussed elsewhere on this site. Because it is something of a specialized skill however, we have also put together specific pages discussing stump removal.