Tree Removal Services We Offer in Northern VA

Our tree removal services here in Alexandria and Northern Virginia are second to none, and what’s more you don’t have to take our word for it, please see our long list of satisfied customers, and read through their own personal testimonials.

We work hard to ensure that our technicians always have the best quality, well maintained tools and equipment at all times. To this we add continuous, high quality training and dedication to outstanding customer service that makes us the premier tree service company in this area.

What does this mean in practical terms for you and your yard?

It means that our technicians have seen it all, that they are equipped and trained to tackle any situation. We think this is vitally important as removing a tree can be one of the most technical tasks that we are called in to perform.

Please call us at (703) 844-3294 or fill out the free estimate request for after hours assistance. We are more than happy to come out and get you a free estimation for your project.

Just consider what can be involved when you are talking about taking a tree safely out of a yard. The tree itself can often weigh anywhere upwards of hundreds of pounds, and tree removal can therefore be a tough task. As a natural object, not all trees grow in a nice, simple straight line. There are often branches of various thicknesses, at various angles, sometimes seeming to grow at random points in the main trunk.

This is even before you take into consideration hazards around the tree, such as power lines or – most importantly – your own house!

This is why we put so much effort into the training and equipping of our technicians. So that you know, from the moment they first set foot on your property, their number priority is to being down and remove your tree safely and competently with minimum fuss. 

To aid them, our staff are fully trained to tackle your specific project in any of the three main methods employed to cut down a tree, all of which are detailed on the Tree Cutting section of our website.

But why remove a tree in the first place? Well, there are several reason to do this:

Storm Damage

We often find that our busiest times are immediately after a storm or heavy snowfall. Both weather conditions can cause serious damage to trees, and can often lead to them needing to be removed completely for the safety of nearby people and property.

As we mention elsewhere in discussing some of our other services, a program of careful tree trimming can often go a long way to protecting a tree from weather damage – so check out our page on tree trimming!


There are a number of diseases and funguses that can infect a tree. Whilst we will of course do our best to treat and cure a tree, this is sadly not always possible in every case.

Sometimes there is little option but to cut down and take away a diseased tree – especially to stop the disease or fungus spreading to other trees in your yard.

Overgrowth/Unsuitable Tree

Finally, one of the reasons you may be looking to have a tree cut down and removed from your yard is that it simply doesn’t fit anymore.

This could be a simple size issue – in that it has grown too large and is blocking the sunlight into your yard for example. Or it could be that the type of tree currently in place doesn’t match with the design or style of yard that you have in your mind. 


Our comprehensive removal service doesn’t stop at the part of the tree above the ground by the way – see elsewhere on this website for how we can assist with stump removal too.

So if you have a troublesome tree in your yard, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Whether it has been damaged in storm winds, is diseased or dying or even if it’s just outgrown the yard and is blocking your natural light then you are making a wise choice in entrusting us to deal with your troublesome trees.