Tree Trimming Services We Offer in Northern VA

Tree trimming here in Alexandria and Northern Virginia is possibly the most important service that we offer. The simple truth is that an effective program of tree maintenance, which includes trimming your trees and shrubs, will go a long way to preventing you having to hire us for any of our other services – especially our tree removal services!

As far we are concerned, it should be looked at as tree maintenance. Our trained technicians will carefully cut and trim trees to promote healthy growth and also to monitor – and treat – any diseases before they can spread or develop.

So as we said, this careful maintenance of your trees is going to seriously promote their lifespan and, in many cases, prevent us having to completely remove a beloved, family tree.

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Broadly speaking, our services in this area take three distinct forms:

Maintenance of Grown Trees

This is probably one of the most popular services that we offer, which is tree trimming – although many times we find that we are called in to rectify problems that could have been stopped earlier.

For example, a program of regular maintenance, including trimming, will mean that dead and dying wood is quickly and safely removed from a tree. In addition, excessive growth of foliage can be pruned and their branches cut back to carefully manage future growth.

A tree that has been cared for in this fashion is going to be less top heavy, and less likely to be damaged in high winds or from heavy snowfall settling onto the tree and damaging it from it’s accumulated weight.

Therefore, a well maintained tree is much more resilient to damage from inclement weather. So if you live in an area that suffers from storm winds and/or heavy snow, trimming is a great way to protect and prolong the life of your trees.

Further, a good trim and prune can also bring out the natural beauty of a tree, by cutting back uneven growth and removing dead and dying tree matter. If your tree is the centerpiece of your yard therefore, make it really stand out with regular maintenance including pruning and a good trim.

Formative Care of Young Trees

We also offer service providing formative pruning of young trees. This is especially important, as this careful maintenance can be employed to encourage the strong and even growth of young trees.

By aiding them in this way during their rapid growing stages of their youth, we will help to ensure that your young trees develop into beautiful and healthy mature trees.

Removal of Dead/Dying Trees

The final service we offer is the complete removal of a tree. The methods employed by us are detailed elsewhere on this site, so we don’t need to go of into any of them here.

As we mentioned above, our trimming service and the general maintenance of your trees is designed to keep them healthy and long lasting – so why do we include removing trees in this section?

Well, as hard as it can be to agree to bring down and remove a beloved, old tree from a yard, sometimes there is simply no choice. In fact, if the tree is diseased, it is often the case that removing it quickly is the best option to prevent the infection spreading to the rest of the trees in your yard.

This is just one example of how the preemptive removal of a dying tree can be the best decision for your yard overall. A regular trimming and maintenance program is going to make it more likely that our technicians can catch a diseased tree in it’s early stages and, if a cure doesn’t seem likely, recommend removing the tree before the problem can spread.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss the full range of trimming, pruning and maintenance services that we can offer you today.