Winter – The Right Time To Trim?


We get asked all kinds of questions regarding tree maintenance but one of the most frequently asked questions is about when.

“When is the right time to trim and prune my trees?”

I really like the winter time for trimming and pruning trees.  With most of the trees dropping their foliage in the fall, we can now see the structure of the tree and make strategic choices on what branches to remove or prune.

During the colder months, the tree is virtually asleep or “dormant.”  Wouldn’t you prefer to have surgery when you’re under anesthesia?  This is when an experienced arborist can really get in there and pull out undesirable branches and restore the shape of the tree to a balanced appearance.

This leads me to another point.  Winter time brings heavy, icy accumulation for the trees to hold up.  If branches are over extended or undersized near the main trunk, they won’t be able to hold the 100-300% increase in weight when ice and snow piles up.   On an unpruned tree, the weight of wintry accumulation has been known to cause mortal damage to otherwise healthy trees.

That’s why Tree Service & Removal of Alexandria believes that it’s really important for trees to be pruned properly; taking into account more than just aesthetics, but also the health and strength of the tree.

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